Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ten Steps To Achieving Any Goal

1. Write It Down - Goals are specific, measurable, and time-
bounded. Write your goals so that they reflect all three

2. List Your Personal Benefits - Identify exactly "Why" you
want to achieve this goal. List all the ways you will you
benefit personally.

3. Analyze Your Current Position - Success is information
dependent. You need integrity in your information. Identify
exactly your specific strengths, weaknesses, and
opportunities as it relates to achieving this goal.

4. Identify Obstacles and Risks - List everything that could
possibly prevent you from achieving this goal.

5. Identify Investments and Sacrifices - List everything,
including time, money, and sacrifices that you can

6. Knowledge Requirements - Identify what additional
knowledge you need to acquire or have access to.

7. Support Team - List the people, groups, and organizations
you may need help from as well as the specific role each one

8. Develop Your Plan - List in chronological order each
activity and their corresponding target dates for
completion. Use all the information gathered in previous
steps to develop your plan.

9. Set a Deadline - Determine on what date you will achieve
this goal.

10. Reward and Celebrate - Identify your reward for the
achievement of this goal. You deserve it!